Oreo Halloween Cupcakes

This whole week I had been craving oreos and cupcakes. So making oreo chocolate cupcakes was kind of a no brainer. Thank god oreos are one of those accidentally vegan foods. My favorite vegan blogger came through on the recipe! Follow along on the link above to get the cake recipe, but keep in mind I […]

Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Bundt Cake was one of the few desserts my mom would make growing up. I remember coming home from school and seeing a lemon or orange bundt cake, covered in icing waiting for us in the kitchen. I’ve never made one myself until now, and I’m so pleased with the results! Recipe: 3 cups all […]

White Chocolate Pumpkin Cookies

A lot of people roll their eyes at the pumpkin spice craze. My question is, why? Fall only comes once a year, and it’s by far the best season. Let’s celebrate its warm spices for everything they’re worth. Personally, I dive into the pumpkin spice craze. Heck, if they had pumpkin spice perfume, you bet […]

Happy First Day of Fall!

Autumn is my favorite season. Living in Michigan, I am lucky to experience fall at its finest. Crisp, chilly air, colorful leaves, and all those amazing fall treats. To celebrate that fall is finally here, I decided to make some autumnal cupcakes. Let it be said that finding a classic vanilla cake/cupcake recipe that is […]

Testing Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi! I know its been nearly a year since I’ve posted on here. I regret not sticking to it, but I’m back to baking. First up is testing out chocolate chip cookie recipes. I started with Oh She Glows’ Cookie Recipe I did modify her recipe a bit (and forgot an ingredient) so here’s the list: […]

Vegan Linzer Cookies

I think linzer cookies have always been my favorite Christmas cookies. I used to stuff myself full of them every Christmas eve at my uncles christmas party. So once again, I had another vegan challenge! I searched for a recipe and finally landed on one I could work with. These cookies are a lot of […]

Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

To be honest, gingerbread cookies were never my favorite. I only have had them a couple times and every time they’ve been hard as rock and lacking flavor. But that wasn’t going to stop me from trying to bake some vegan style! Ingredients: 3 cups all purpose flour ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp baking soda […]