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Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

Yes, another pumpkin recipe. I buy into the whole hype, and I love it. I will try any recipe that includes those warm autumn spices! This recipe I adapted from Minimalist Baker and was a little nervous. Lately, a lot of the cookies I’ve been making have been turning into pancakes. So this time I […]

My Weekend: Sep 26-27

This weekend we had nothing planned. I wanted to do some sort of autumn activity, but it never happened. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! One of the activities/errands we did this weekend was a Trader Joes trip. We are lucky enough to have one just a few miles away from us! Usually […]

Our Trip to the Apple Orchard 2015

Last weekend we took a trip to Blakes Cider Mill where they have apple picking among other fruits and vegetables! We had a blast so I thought I’d share some pictures with you guys! We stumbled across a sunflower field! So beautiful! We brought along our vegan donuts (recipe in last post) so we didn’t […]

Simple Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve been on the search for a long time for the perfect vegan chocolate chip cookie. I’ve gone through a lot of duds. Cookies that turn into pancakes.. cookies that are mushy, you name it. This recipe actually makes a cookie! Crazy, right? It’s simple, but does contain a lot of oil. Because I used […]

The BEST Vegan Lentil Loaf

Back when I was a meat eater, one of my favorite weeknight meals was my moms meat loaf. I know we all say it, but my mom made the best meat loaf. Slathered in ketchup and full of moms love. Being a vegan is a journey. Part of that journey is figuring out how to […]

Vegan Peach Crumble

This summer I could not find a good peach. Heartbreaking considering peaches are meant to be in full swing in the summer with all their juicy sweetness. Finally, a few weeks ago I decided to buy some of what Cost-Co had to offer. They smelled peachy and were a little soft and I had high […]

Everyday Juice

  Juicing, juicing, juicing. People definitely have their opinions of it. Most of those opinions don’t make a lot of sense though. There is no negative aspect of making juice. Regardless of whether or not you’re getting the fiber, it’s still damn healthy and packed full of vitamins. So here’s my everyday juicing recipe: – […]

Simple Vegan Lasagne

So I’m starting off this blog with a recipe I made this week. It’s simple, light and tastes damn good. A lot of people don’t think of carbs as being “light”, but believe me they can be. Because I refrain from eating any oil and a lot of salt.. a lot of my recipes won’t […]